Durga Astras

The ten-armed Debi Durga received multiple boons and weapons after her creation, to aid her in destroying the Asuras (demons) and restore peace on earth. Here we bring to you the significance of each Astra and narrate who gifted it to the goddess to help her in the celebrated fight against evil.

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  • Trishul – Trident

    The Trishul or trident was a present to the goddess from Mahadev or Shiva. Besides symbolising courage, the three-headed sharp weapon also represents the three gunas (facets) of humankind – tamas, rajas and sattva.

  • Sudarshan Chakra – Discus

    Bishnu gifted the Sudarshan Chakra or discus to the Goddess, the centre of which symbolises the centre of creation. The rotating Chakra is indicative of the sphere of life and evolution that runs in circles of construction, destruction and reconstruction.

  • Bajra – Thunderbolt

    Indra Dev gifted the Bajra to Debi Durga – a thunderbolt throwing flashes of light. Considered as one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, the Bajra not only a tool symbolic of enlightenment, but also represents supreme power, firmness of spirit and determination.

  • Shankha – Conch

    Barun Dev gifted the Shankha or conch to Durga. Sankha symbolises the primordial sound of creation, Aum. Indicative of the sound when the universe was first created, the Sankha is believed to have the power for destroying all negative energies.

  • Padma – Lotus

    Brahma gifted the lotus or Padma to Debi Durga, which represents wisdom that could help her win against the odds. The Padma is also believed to symbolise liberation through knowledge.

  • Borsha – Spear

    Agni Deb gifted Borsha to the goddess, which represents purity and fiery power. Borsha or the spear signifies the hidden power to overcome all obstacles in life and achieve target.

  • Dhanurban – Bow and Arrow

    Maruth gifted Dhanurban – a set of bow and arrows as a weapon to the Goddess, which uses a combination of potential and kinetic powers. Besides symbolising energy, the bow-and-arrow is indicative of resolution and focus required to achieve success.

  • Gada/Dwando – Mace or Bludgeon

    Yama, the God of Death, gifted Gada/Dwando – a mace or bludgeon, to the Goddess. The weapon, having the power to destroy as well as create, signifies time and death.

  • Kharga – Heavy War Scythe

    Bishwakarma gifted Kharga to Debi Durga. The weapon which hints at the sharpness of intellect, also symbolises destruction of the enemy and evil.

  • Ghonta – Bell

    Airavat gifted a Ghonta or bell to Durga. Doling out sound as energy, the bell is believed to deliver clarity and remove negativity from path.

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