Durga Pujo

Durga Pujo - more than just a celebration in Kolkata, it's an emotion!

Incessant Dhaak beats, musical Ulu Dhwani, Adda, Bhog Khawa, Dhunuchi Naach, Sindur Khela - everything together defines Durga Pujo in Kolkata.

Anyone who has grown up in the city, knows of these exaltations during the 4-5 days of the Durga Pujo and how the city decks up to be at its best for the MahaUtsav in Kolkata every year. For anyone who hasn't experienced it, Kolkata Durga Pujo is one gala event that shouldn't be missed.

Pujo in Kolkata is a huge carnival, with the entire city coming together and dressing up in festive spirits. The 10-days of Durga Puja Bengali festival is one of the most awaited event for almost every Kolkatan, of which the last 5 days are spent amidst exuberant socialising, amusements, lively reunions and sumptuous feasts.

Significance of Mahalaya"Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Matri Rupeno Samsthita"...

Legendary narrator Birendra Krishna Bhadra's early morning broadcast of the Mahalaya recital on radio, magical voice behind the "Mahisasura Mardini" is one of the first things that come to one's mind while thinking of Mahalaya and its significance in Durga Pujo festivities.

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Clay Durga idols lined up in rows around the narrow lanes in North Kolkata, photo enthusiasts peeking for aesthetic shots of Maa Durga, the master sculptors patiently tracing colours on the Goddess - Kolkata's Kumortuli is an art lovers' haven during Durga Pujo!

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Pandal Hopping

Durga Pujo is that time of the year when people from all strata of the society - rich to poor, old to young - all come together as one to participate in this five-day festive extravaganza. One of the main highlights of Durga Pujo in Kolkata is undoubtedly pandal hopping, as the City decks up with thousands of intricately decorated pandals to welcome Maa Durga home. Having gathered all-important Durga Puja information about the must-see Pujo Pandals for the year, people queue up for hours to catch a glimpse of Maa Durga at the famous pujas in Kolkata.

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Dhaak Beats

Durga Pujo is synonymous with the iconic beats of the Dhaak - a large, double-sided drum which is played with sticks originally made from wood from mango trees.

As one wakes up to the rhythmic Dhaak beats from nearby pandals each morning during the festivities, the beats rekindle a fervour to plan ahead for the day’s activities and enjoyments.

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Heritage Durga Puja

While the new-age Theme Pujos draw millions to the City every year, Kolkata is home to a lot of traditional Zamindar Family Pujos or 'Bonedi Barir Pujos' as they are referred to in Bangla.

These Bonedi Barir Pujo have been an intrinsic part of Bengal's rich culture and heritage over centuries and their focus on traditions and rituals continue to charm those who like to bask in old-world classics and nostalgia.

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Pujo-r Adda

There is nothing like a good, long adda session during Durga Pujo. Whether you enjoy yours with friends or with your family, every Kolkatan knows the true value of adda - simple open conversations about topics ranging from religion to politics to entertainment to personal experiences and what not!

Maddox Square, Deshapriya Park, Durgabari, College Square are just a few places that any Kolkatan would recognise as popular adda spots in the City during the Pujo.

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Kolkata Food

Pujo manei "Bangalir Pet Pujo"! Street food to culinary delicacies, organised feasts to Bhog (food blessed by the Goddess) - Durga Pujo without food is unimaginable. Kolkata has always been regarded as a food paradise and during Durga Pujo food options for hungry souls are endless - including scrumptious kati-rolls, phuchka, chaats, momos and more.

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