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Women are torchbearers of the society -
women have been creating history since time immemorial.

From Rani Lakshmibai driving the historic national movement to Kalpana Chawla creating history in space science, from the famous mathematician Shakuntala Devi changing the math game to the youngest Noble Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai – the list of fiercely intelligent, powerful and inspirational women is endless.

"Ya devi sarva bhuteshu... Shakti rupena sansthita...
Namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaha"

Even mythology is witness to a woman’s power.

Debi Durga is the Mother of all creations. Debi Durga is 'Shakti' who had been entrusted with the enormous task of winning over the evil Mahishasura by the Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara themselves. Debi Durga is omnipresent, an embodiment of power, peace and intelligence in all beings.

As we celebrate the power of the Goddess and her win over evil during Durga Pujo, let’s also not forget to celebrate the omnipresent embodiments of Shakti present all around us in society, and more importantly the Durgas in our lives who empower us as mothers, sisters or daughters. Durga Pujo is a perfect occasion to recognize the contributions of women and the way they empower the society.

Every woman is a Debi Durga. It’s commendable how efficiently these Durgas of our society tend to the needs of the family often while excelling professionally. From making a name in history or effortlessly managing the domestic household space – the contributions of a woman are incredible.

Let’s make this Durga Pujo a celebration of womanhood – a way to recognize and salute a woman’s strengths, her contributions and the sacrifices she makes in everyday life.

MahaUtsav Online aims to recognize the indomitable and eternal spirit of womanhood through raising awareness around social responsibility towards women safety and wellbeing during Durga Pujo which is essentially a celebration of 'Naari Shakti' or Women Power.

Towards Making Durga Pujo a truly women-centric celebration

Feeding Rooms for Mothers, Hygienic Toilets, Safe Drinking Water, Help Desks, Ambulance Service are just some of the basic amenities that can make the Durga Pujo Parikrama experience more comfortable for the women and children who are a part of the pujo crowd.

  • Feeding Rooms
    for Mothers
  • Hygienic
  • Safe Drinking
  • Help
  • Ambulance
  • Medical

MahaUtsav Online is committed to making its association with Pujo Committees and Sponsors more fruitful – gearing them up in the direction of creating a better, safer Pujo experience for the women audience.

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