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Sanjib Ghosh is an eminent freelance photographer from Kolkata who has achieved remarkable standards in photography with his work being featured on National Geographic amongst other prestigious platforms. He is mostly inspired by people adversity, the essence of life and loves to travel to remote destinations in search of the perfect subject for his clicks. He has worked on several prominent advertising campaigns with agencies like JWT, Ogilvy, Mc-Cann, BBDO and Mudra, with his works winning recognition and prestigious awards both in India and abroad. Capturing festivals has been one of his favourite subjects, and based out of Kolkata, the master photographer has captured the real essence of World's Biggest Festival - Durga Pujo. MahaUtsav Online is thankful for his contributions on Durga Pujo for the website. Visit

Purohit Sri Kalyan Lahiri, with his extensive knowledge on Hindu religion, mythology and philosophy, has been engaged in various Pourohitya Karma for more than 40 years. After completing his education from St. Paul’s School in Kolkata, he went on to study Sanskrit at the prestigious Sri Sri Balananda Ashram in Baidyanath Dham, Deoghar.

He was only 10 years old when he started performing his duties as a priest in 1975. It was in 1990 that he first began his holy duties as a Purohit (priest) for Durga Pujo and ever since then has been a well-known name in this field.

In addition to being a priest, he also works in the Mass Education Department of the State Central Library in Kolkata.

Sri Kalyan Lahiri has been very kind to share his learnings and has contributed immensely in developing sections on Rituals, Traditions and Mantras on this website. MahaUtsav Online is thankful to Sri Kalyan Lahiri for his contributions.

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