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Jaago Tumi Jaago, Jaago Durga Jaago
Abhaya Shakti Balo Pradayani Tumi Jaago...

Durga Pujo. The World’s Biggest Festival. 6-8 million people on the streets every day for 5 days of gaiety, camaraderie, festivity.

It is that time of the year. When the rich, poor, old, young, all come together as one. It ignites emotional ties, connects people back to their roots, opens up their hearts in celebration of the world’s biggest festival. The euphoria, nostalgia, merry making and the devotion engulfs Bengal during this time.

MahaUtsav Online takes you on a mesmerising tour of the Durga Pujo, where you can join the Pujo revelries online from anywhere in the world.

Experience Durga Pujo from the comfort of your home, online!

UNESCO Accreditation

India's official nomination for a pride of place in the 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' (ICH) list for 2020, Durga Pujo has been recognised by UNESCO.

Wake up to the rhythmic dhaak beats, soak in the grandeur with Maa Durga Darshan, be a part of the devoted and offer your Anjali to seek blessings of the divine goddess. Directly from the Sarbajanin Pujos @ MahaUtsav Online!


Darun Pandal, Sunder Thakur.
Tar Shaathe Swasthite Pujo Dekhar Byaboshta.

Get ready for a memorable, safer and more comfortable Durga Pujo, this year with MahaUtsav Online and the P.C. Chandra Group.

With your comforts and needs looked after, the grand celebration that will be more visitor-friendly. Experience an even better Durga Pujo!

Amenities thoughtfully conceived for you -

  • Feeding Rooms
    for Mothers
  • Hygienic
  • Safe Drinking
  • Help
  • Ambulance
  • Medical
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