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Virtual Window To Offer Prayers Now, MahaUtsav Online Gets Launched In City

The First Of Its Kind Initiative Endeavors To Make World’s Biggest Festival, Durga Pujo An Exhilarating Experience

Kolkata, 17th September, 2019: Festival Experentia today globally launched the website MahaUtsav Online that will expand the horizon for virtual participation in World’s Biggest Festival, Durga Pujo. The launch ceremony was graced by none other than Rupam Islam, renowned rock-star and Sharbari Datta, the doyen of fashion industry in the presence of Mr. Anoop Hoon, Founder, Festival Experentia & MahaUtsav Online, Mr. Sidhartha Roy, Thought-leader, Festival Experentia & MahaUtsav Online and Mr. Abhijan Nandy, Director, Brand Excellence, Festival Experentia & MahaUtsav Online.

Festival Experentia, with a mission to help the Indian diaspora across the world connect, reconnect and virtually participate in Durga Pujo for the very first time develops the idea of MahaUtsav Online.

Where Pujo is just a Click away!

The newly launched website MahaUtsav Online will strive to lead this initiative by working closely with selected Pujo Committees. The objective is to help the Pujo Committees first identify and then implement changes required to achieve the vision of a comprehensive identity for Kolkata’s Durga Pujo, while maintaining their individuality and uniqueness. MahaUtsav Online propagates to transform Kolkata Durga Pujo from a limited celebration of individual experience to an excellently crafted holistic experience.

In 2019, MahaUtsav Online has tied up with three prominent Pujo Committees in Kolkata namely - Chakraberia Sarbojanin, Ahiritola Sarbajanin & Salt Lake FD Block Sarbajanin. Services that will be offered are as foll[-ows -

  • Online Darshan: allowing people to view the rituals at these Pujo Pandals
  • Online Pushpanjali: allowing people to offer personalized prayers while the website also helps the viewers to understand the chanted mantras
  • Online Daala: allowing people to place ‘online orders’ for a daala (the offering of sweets, fruits, saree and vermillion that is placed to the goddess along with one’s name and gotra (clan name) to seek blessings for oneself and one’s family). The offerings duly blessed, if desired, would be delivered to an address within Greater Kolkata.
  • Online Pranami: This will allow virtual visitors to contribute a certain amount towards organization of the Pujo at a given Pujo committee.

Taking a caring step forward, MahaUtsav Online desires to be a catalyst in bringing a prominent change by tying up with these major Pujo Committees for transcending limited experience to a holistic experience, especially for the ladies visiting these pandals during Pujo. Plan is to provide feeding rooms, hygienic toilets and medical aid especially to women. To provide drinking water, multiple manned help desks and visitor-friendly volunteers for everybody. All three Pujo Committees have partnered with MahaUtsav Online in this vision.

“Durga Pujo, undoubtedly is the biggest showcasing of what Bengal artistry is all about. The festival also heralds the enormity of its scale and magnificence as it brings the lion’s share of the yearly income to chosen hyper-locals. This year we thought of creating a paradigm shift in the way people enjoy and participate in Pujo and that was the initial concept behind launching MahaUtsav Online, where the grandeur of Durga Pujo celebrations over the five days is now accessible on your laptops, PCs or mobile screens from anywhere in the world. This one of its kind initiative aims to connect non-resident Indians (NRIs) with their old roots - Indian culture, traditions, history and more. Moreover, to make it an invigorating experience for the women visiting these Pujos, we plan to provide feeding rooms, hygienic toilets and medical aids especially for them in the Pujo Pandals. We are elated to see all three Pujo Committees are partnering with us to make this noble vision a success,” said, Mr. Anoop Hoon, Founder, Festival Experentia & MahaUtsav Online

From waking up to the rhythmic dhaak beats, getting soaked in the festive fervor, being part of the devoted, and offering Anjali to seek the blessings of the divine goddess – everything one can avail directly from the Sarbajanin Pujos @ MahaUtsav Online! One just has to go to and search for the favoured Pujo he/she would like to take part in. One can also set alerts on the Online Nirghonto (Time Table Indicating auspicious indexes) section to get notified about the Pujo timings that ensures zero miss out on the important happenings and rituals.

Deemed as the World's Biggest Festival with over 6-8 million people on the streets every day, Festival Experentia hopes that Durga Pujo, in its online splendor through MahaUtsav Online, will touch your heart and soul. No matter, if you stay near or far. All hail to the holy mother!!

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