Prize-winning theme pandals

Durga Pujo today is all about coming up with exceptional themes - an extravagant display of art and creativity. As Pujo Committees across the city strive to present the most unique ideas through its Pujo Pandals, the FD Block has left no stone unturned in emerging as an eminent player in this artistic arena - presenting the most unique theme Pujas year on year.

Over the years, FD Block Durga Puja Committee has given the City prize-winning theme pandals, replicating the 'Titanic', 'Parliament House', 'Gram Bangla', 'Bishnupur Temple', 'Spacecraft with Kalpana Chawla', 'House of Swami Vivekananda', 'The Castle of Harry Potter', 'Mansa Pahar Temple', 'Ancient Saheb Bungalow' and 'Memories of Nepal (before earthquake)' among others.

Testifying to social consciousness, FD Block had themed its pandal on the subject of global warming in the year 2008.

Besides its creatively themed pandals, the '52 inch Idol' and 'Nabadurga' have also drawn pandal hoppers from across the City and its peripheries.

FD Block Sarbajanin Durgotsab Committee has won numerous prestigious Durga Pujo Awards. Some of these prestigious Awards include -

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