Pujo-r Adda

"Amit aajkal khub udche re! Since Shashthi I've been seeing him with a new girlfriend every day!
Wonder if his girlfriend Rima knows what he's up to!"

"Arre chhaar to oi shob love story! Eta shon… Did you know what happened to Budo's thakurda?
Heard he was travelling down Simlipal Forest on his bike when this big leopard chased him down
for more than 2 kms!"

"Really? Shob dhop! Only Budo can create such stories out of his imagination! By the way did you
see Shyamali's new Dhakai saree? Oh! She definitely was the centre of attraction at the Durgabari Dhunuchi
Naach during Ashtami Aarti yesterday… Got to ask her where she picked it up from!"

Sounds familiar? Well, it definitely would if at some point in your life, you have ever been a part of a Durga Pujo-r Adda! After all they say, Bangalis and Adda go together!! It's a timeless passion that they simply cannot do without!

From the next door Boudi, to the sadist boss at work, from Pujo Fashion to travel, from politics to religion, from your first crush to a break-up, the topics dominating a Bangali's Adda session can be multitudinous. Adda sessions seem to give an adrenaline rush like no other and Adda during Durga Pujo is the most awaited of all! Why not, after all this is the only time of the year when you get together with all your friends and family and catch up on all happenings in their lives.

Durga Pujo-r Adda

Adda Sessions during Durga Pujo can be categorized as...

  • Adda Indoors
  • Chatting and gossiping that happens at a friend / relatives place during get together, often over lunch, brunch or dinner. Adda during modern times has even shifted to Café's, Clubs, Restaurants, Hookah Joints and Discotheques.

  • Adda Outdoors
  • The favourite Adda spot outdoors are mostly the Para (Local) Pujo Pandals. Leaving aside the Parar Pujos, there are some popular Pujos around the city that are favourite hangout spots for Kolkatans in the mood for some "Pujo-r Adda". Let's take a peek at some of popular spots.

Non-stop "Pujo-r Adda"
at Pandals across Kolkata

  • Maddox Square
  • Maddox Square not just tops the list as a favourite amongst Pujo revellers, but is also known to be the best Adda Spot in town during Durga Pujo. Non-stop music, performances by Rock Bands, cultural fiesta, the sound of Dhaak, and of course the trail of food joints within the Pujo premises make this one of the best to be 24/7 Adda joint in town during Pujos. If you have never been to Maddox Square during Pujos, you are definitely missing something!

  • Durgabari
  • From the old to the young, Durgabari at the quaint Ballygunge locality is well known for being a favourite Durga Pujo Adda spot in the City of Joy, Kolkata. The ek-chala Goddess, the sound of Aarti and Dhunuchi Naach, enlivens the traditional spirit of Durga Pujo during all the Adda that happens there. To top it all there is the Maha Ashtami Bhog to fill you up during your endless Adda sessions.

  • Ballygunge
  • The Ballygunge Cultural Association of South Kolkata is well known for retaining the age old traditions of Durga Puja in synchronization with modernity. This particular Durga Pujo is also known to be the one where youngsters love to throng. Adda and gossip sessions are a common sight around the pandal with excited groups jabbering away, taking selfies or simply hogging on delicious street food from the stalls surrounding the pandal. A must visit for all!

  • Salt Lake
    FD Block
  • For the people of Salt Lake who usually find it difficult to commute to South Kolkata during the Pujo, Salt Lake's FD Block is the place to be during Durga Pujo. Located near the popular Karunamoyee estate in Salt Lake, the FD Block Durga Pujo has gained popularity primarily because of the innovative themes that this particular Pujo comes up with every year, like the Jurassic Park theme Pujo in 2018. No wonder, people love to pick up this spot for their Pujo-r Adda sessions every year.

  • Deshapriya Park,
    Rash Behari Avenue
  • There's nothing like enjoying a solid Pujo-r Adda session at Deshapriya Park, one of the oldest and best known Pujos of South Kolkata. Never ending Pujo-r Adda sessions at this pandal is accompanied with musical concerts, good food and joyrides. From dadu-didas to kaku-kakimas, dada-didis to bhai-bons, Adda groups of all ages are seen around the pandal right from Panchami to Dashami.

Coffee Houser Shei Adda Ta Aaj Aar Nei...
When You Miss Pujo-r Adda

  • কফি হাউজের সেই আড্ডাটা আজ আর নেই
    আজ আর নেই
    কোথায় হারিয়ে গেল সোনালী বিকেলগুলো সেই
    আজ আর নেই...
  • Coffee Houser Shei Adda Ta Aaj Aar Nei
    Aaj Aar Nei
    Kothaye Haariye Gelo Sonali Bikel Gulo Shei
    Aaj Aar Nei

This popular song by Manna Dey rings in the ears of all those missing their good ol' Pujo-r adda days. For Probashi Bangalis, especially nostalgia and emotions flow as strong as the 6-8 million people who stream through the pandals during Durga Pujo. The not so lucky ones who cannot make it back home during the Durga Pujo now rely on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram for Pujo-r Adda with their friends and family back home. Some abroad have managed to make their own Probashi Durga Pujo Committees to ensure that they bring the Pujo Sprit alive in whatever way they can during the festive days, adhering to the Government guidelines of places they live in be it New York or Dublin. They travel miles to just visit a Durga Pujo that might be happening in the state they live in!

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