Pujo-r Makeover

Click! Click! Click! Men or women, young or old, everyone wants to be the showstopper of the town when it's Durga Pujo.

New clothes are not just enough, a good makeover is a must to complete that perfect Durga Pujo look. Be it the way you style or hair or the make-up you apply on your face, it must all come together to make you stand out in the crowd.

So what would be your Durga Pujo look this year? Follow the handy tips we have for that perfect pujo makeover.

Trip to the salon - a must before Pujo

"Ebar Pujote hair straight korabo and na perm korabo? Ki bolish?" "Pujo-r thik ek shopta aage Gold Facial korabo - Parlour'e kotha bole eshechhi"

Surely most of us are familiar with this. We all want to look our best during the festivities and last minute makeovers are a part of the Pujo celebrations.

Local beauty parlours to high-end salons, weeks ahead of the Pujo, all beauty salons across the City are high on business with women of all ages going in for their Pujo makeovers.

Hair straightening, hair colouring, facials, nail extensions and more - there's a range of services to make you look your best.

Tip: Don't forget to watch out for attractive discounts and beauty packages.

Boron Theke Bhashan - Pujo-r Makeover

Saptami-r Makeover

The Pujos have officially begun with Saptami and you would like to look your best. If you have a date, you would definitely want to put in your best shot at impressing your love at first glance! We suggest an Indo-Western look for Saptami as you go more traditional for the next 3 days of the Pujos.

For Maha Saptami-r Shokal (morning), show off your Indo Western look. Block printed skirts, bohemian crop tops and palazzos can make for that perfect Saptami morning - comfortable and trendy. A nude shade of matte finish lipstick would do the trick.

For men, sport a clean shaved look or if you have a beard make sure it's perfectly groomed.

For Maha Saptami-r Sandhya (evening), cotton or Taant sarees with designer blouses could be an option you could go for. Keep the jewellery light - junk jewellery with durga motifs would also be a good choice.

For men, smart Kurta pyjamas or jeans and T-Shirts should complete the Saptami look.

Maha Ashtami-r Makeover

You must look your very best on the most important day of Durga Pujo - Maha Ashtami. From Anjali to Sandhi Pujo, it is the day to be a showstopper in the crowd. So, whether you are offering Anjali or trying to impress the boy next door, get the look to move all eyes right on you.

As you step out for Maha Ashtami-r Anjali in the morning, make sure to turn heads around with your classic red and white Bengali saree. A bright red bindi and red sindoor on the forehead for the married would complete that perfect traditional look. Hair tied up in a bun and adorned with beautiful jasmine flowers would make a perfect hairdo.

For Ashtami evening, keeping the look traditional, you can go for silk or Kanjeevaram sarees. Team it with beautiful jewellery - gold or imitation - and make a fashion statement.

Dhoti Kurta or light coloured silk kurta pyjamas teamed with Kolhapuri chappals would make the men stand out on Ashtami.

Dashami-r Makeover

As you bid the Goddess a teary Good Bye, keep your look simple yet traditional. Hearts will be heavy as Maa Durga returns to her home in Kailash. Lift the sombre mood of the day with the look you choose to sport so that the memories linger on till the next year.

Sindoor khela is one of the main events of the day, so sport your best red-white sarees with classic gold jewellery for that true Bangali look. Don't forget gold jhumkas and of course shankha-pola (conch shell bangles) if you are married.

Red and white anarkali suits are also a good option for young girls. Not to forget that perfect shade of red on the lips, red bindi on the forehead, alta on the feet and Sindoor for the married.

Men can keep it comfy yet traditional in a perfect kurta shirt and jeans for the immersion of the Goddess.

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