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Pujo-r Adda

Pujo-r adda jomjomat

with Tata Structura

This Pujo, let nothing get in the way of your happiness! Guarantee uninterrupted celebrations and adda with Tata Structura roof sheds.

Durga Pujo celebrations are incomplete without those long Adda sessions. After all they say, Bangalis and Adda go together!! It's a timeless passion that they simply cannot do without!

From fashion to travel plans, from politics to religion, from your first crush to a break-up, the topics dominating a Bangali's Adda session can be multitudinous. Adda sessions seem to give an adrenaline rush like no other and Adda during Durga Pujo is the most awaited of all!

Tata Structura is your friend this pujo -

Making sure your adda sessions continue uninterrupted under that perfect Roof Shed built from Tata Structura's revolutionary steel tubes.

Rains or sun - Tata Structura will keep your adda brewing in full swing by keeping you protected from all weather conditions.

What's your adda plan this Pujo?

Durga Pujo-r Adda at Home

While visiting the well-known pujo pandals in the city and settling down for hours into an adda session sounds good fun, adda at home - on the terrace can also be equally exciting.

This year, let the weather not come in the way of your Pujo-r Adda Sessions.

If you are planning to spend time with your friends and family at home during Durga Pujo, a perfect roof structure built using Tata Structura can come in handy.

While the Pujo rituals like Aarti, Anjali, Dhunuchi Naach or Sindoor Khela can continue uninterrupted under the Tata Structura roof shed, you can catch up on all the gossip and adda under that perfect shade.

So, if you are hosting Durga Pujo in your home - make sure you are well-protected with Tata Structura as you tune into festivities online here on MahaUtsav Online.

Durga Pujo-r Adda at Pandals

If you are planning to go to some of the most popular Pujo-r adda destinations in the City, here's some of the pandals you can let your Adda Session unroll -

  • Ahiritola Sarbajanin
  • North Kolkata’s Ahiritola Sarbajanin Durgotsab is one of oldest Pujos of Kolkata – a perfect mix of rich culture, heritage and modern elements. This Pujo is known for its signature Dhaak Beats and what better way to revel in the Pujo fun than tapping to the beats of the dhaak as your Pujo-r adda continues.

    Watch out for Tata Structura Zone
  • Salt Lake FD Block
  • For the people of Salt Lake who usually find it difficult to commute to South Kolkata during the Pujo, Salt Lake’s FD Block is the place to be during Durga Pujo. The innovative themes of this Pujo year on year can add to your non-stop adda topics.

  • Chakraberia Sarbojanin
  • Non-stop cultural performances, fun fiesta, the sound of Dhaak, and of course the trail of food joints - Chakraberia Sarbojanin tops the list as one of the best to be 24/7 Adda joint in town during Pujos.

  • Kashi Bose Lane
  • A purely baarowari pujo with a homely atmosphere, North Kolkata’s Kashi Bose Lane Durga Pujo has that old-world Kolkata flavour which is a perfect setting for your Pujo-r Adda sessions to roll away.

    Watch out for Tata Structura Zone
  • North Tridhara Sarbojanin
  • From the old to the young, North Tridhara Sarbojanin Durgotsab Pujo is well known for being a favourite Durga Pujo Adda spot in the City of Joy, Kolkata. The sound of Aarti and Dhunuchi Naach, enlivens the traditional spirit of Durga Pujo during all the Adda that happens there.

    Watch out for Tata Structura Zone
  • Bosepukur Talbagan
  • There’s nothing like enjoying a solid Pujo-r Adda session during Pujo and the fun doubles up when one sees the beautifully done-up Bosepukur Talbagan Durga Pujo. Catch up with your friends at this must-visit Durga Pujo.

    Watch out for Tata Structura Zone
  • Santoshpur Avenue South
  • Adda and gossip sessions are a common sight around the Santoshpur Avenue South Durga Pujo, with excited groups jabbering away, taking selfies or simply hogging on delicious street food. A must visit for all!

    Watch out for Tata Structura Zone

Non-stop Pujo-r Adda with Tata Structura and
the classic Manna Dey song

As you ring in the non-stop Pujo-r Adda with Tata Structura, don't forget to hum together to the beats of the popular song by Manna Dey “Coffee Houser Shei Adda Ta Aaj Aar Nei, Aaj Aar Nei”.

For all those who are away from home this Pujo, let this melody remind you of your good ol' Pujo-r adda days as you catch up on all the Adda Bites happening during Durga Pujo in Kolkata on MahaUtsav Online.

This year MahaUtsav Online gives you an opportunity to join 'The World's Biggest Festival @Kolkata India' right here. Watch the Pujos live and let your Pujo-r Adda sessions roll away from home!

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